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Let Erin Remember

LET ERIN REMEMBER (1979) & ANN’S HARP (1981) have long been out-of-print, but they are now reissued in a single CD (January 2012). These earliest recordings of Ann & Charlie as “Clairseach” feature the wire harp played traditionally: with fingernail technique and a left-handed treble. Both LPs original covers, front and back, have been reproduced in a 6 panel digipak, but a magnifying glass may be required to read the track notes. Ann plays her very first harp (Castle Otway model) on Let Erin Remember, even though the cover photo is of her second harp (an “extended” Otway model). Her first Otway was donated to the town of Granard, Co. Longford in Ireland.

Ann Heymann: Witcher Castle Otway (1974); “extended” Witcher Castle Otway (1979); Witcher double harp (64 strings), wooden flute, anglo concertina, harmonium, whistles, piano & vocals
Charlie Heymann: lead vocals, accordion, concertinas, guitar, cittern, mandocello, bodhran & bones

Track list
from Let Erin Remember:
1. O’Carolan’s Concerto (T. O’Carolan)
2. Song: Pat Murphy
3. Jigs: Charlie & Ann Heymann’s Wedding (Terence P. ‘Cuz’ Teahan) / Seamus Cooley’s
4. Song: Shady Woods of Trugh
5. Reels: Boy in the Boat / Master Crowley’s / Across the Shannon
6. Harp Medley: For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name / Scatter the Mud jig / Castle Kelly reel
7. Recitation: Seamus O’Brien (J. Sheridan LeFanu) background music includes West Wind reel / Cork March / An Buachaill Caol Dubh / Maid At the Spinning Wheel jig
8. Hornpipes: Paddy Kenny’s / The Green Banner
9. Songs: Let Erin Remember / The Minstrel Boy (Thomas Moore)
from Ann’s Harp:
10. Jig: Ann’s Harp (Terence P. ‘Cuz’ Teahan)
11. Mrs. Farrell (T. O’Carolan) (mp3 sample)
12. Polkas & Slide
13. Song: Mary of Loughrea (from ‘Cuz’ Teahan) (mp3 sample)
14. Celia Connellan (Thomas Connellan)
15. Sir Charles Coote / Planxty Safaigh (T. O’Carolan)
16. Molly MacAlpin or Carolan’s Dream (T. O’Carolan)
17. Reels: Aughdarra / Mohereavogue
18. Song: Red Haired Man's Wife
19. Set Dance: Three Sea Captains
20. Humors of Castlecomer jig / Captain Sudley (T. O’Carolan)
21. Good Night and Joy Be With You

The song “Mary of Loughrea” was given to Charlie by Terence ‘Cuz’ Teahan, who received it from his mother. Cuz, who played concertina and accordion, was a native of Castleisland, Co. Kerry and a student of the legendary Padraig O’Keefe. A prolific composer of tunes in the traditional style, Cuz arrived in Chicago in 1928 and wrote two of the jigs on these recordings.

The song “Red Haired Man's Wife” is an English translation that emphasizes assonance, in recognition of the original Gaelic poetry.


There is magic in Ann Heymann's fingers. The lilting, delicate, haunting sounds she plucks from the strings of her harp evoke images in the mind's eye of fairy folk dancing in Irish forests....If you, like many of us, are still searching for that legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, consider "Ann's Harp" one brief, shining treasure along the way.
-WNMU-FM, Marquette MI

...The music on the album is an excellent choice of rarely heard pieces by O'Carolan, and Thomas and William Connellan, as well as a gem found in George Petrie's "Ancient Music of Ireland" (1855). There are nine pieces represented by the above composers, and they are broken up by jigs, reels, polkas and slides, and two vocals sung by Charlie that are shockingly good. The album displays a high degree of taste, creativity and musicianship throughout. Highly listenable and very highly recommended.
-Shanachie Bulletin

Ann's Harp LP & tape (Clairseach #2381, 1981)
Let Erin Remember LP and tape (Clairseach #8979, 1979)
New Let Erin Remember & Anns Harp combined CD reissue (2012)
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$30 including shipping overseas

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