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"I was left breathless by the sheer power of Ann Heymann's playing... [She] wields her instrument like a sword to cut to the heart of the tradition and draw forth its lifeblood...There is power and magic in [her] music: It quickens the blood and captivates the soul...[Her] music speaks to me at a deep level which is hard to express without metaphor and imagery."

-The Living Tradition, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I have seldom seen or heard such a display of instrumental virtuosity, or such a varied program within the bounds of a particular tradition."

-Golden Link, Rochester NY

"My imagination roamed while my emotions soared...For me this concert had something special to offer."

-Victory Music Review, Seattle WA

"The College was honored to have presented artists of such high caliber...People were amazed at their adaptability to so many was hard to believe that only two people were on stage. Ann gave a moving harp performance that combined exquisite beauty with sentimental feelings, and Charlie's renditions of poetry and song were flawless."

-Roberta Leary, Performing Arts Coordinator, Curry College, Milton, MA

"Thank you, thank you for another wonderful evening of very special musical entertainment...So many commented about the variety of music, songs, stories and instruments and hoped to have the opportunity to hear a program like that again! Believe me

-Clairseach was a favorite!"

-Beverly Wegge, New College Campus Director, Univ. of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

"A perfect example of lecturing and performing in harmony. Our student evaluations consistently rank you among the strongest aspect of the class, and their good scores on your examination questions indicate that they, indeed, learned much from your presentations."

-Gregory Sojka, Dept. of American Studies, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

"They were wonderful! They established a very easy rapport with the audience, who loved them. Thank you so much for a marvelous evening of entertainment."

-Suzanne Cromack, DSA, King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA

"Thanks so much for another inspiring performance! The feeling of ease you were able to develop with our audence by your gentle manner and magical weaving of song and story make your performance one that will remain a fond memory for a long time."

-L. Jay Burlingame, DSA, Pennsylvania State University, Altoona, PA

"The music was grand, the ballads delightful and touching, and the quality of musicianship impressive. Clairseach elicited an enthusiastic response from our students. Altogether, it was a rich and rewarding experience."

-Dr. Norman Carson, Campus Programs Committee, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA

"Their performance was beautiful and exteremely well received...They thoroughly captivated an appreciative audience!"

-Betty Soergel, Student Programs, Penn State University, New Kensington, PA

"Charlie and Ann Heymann are skilled performers with a sensitive stage presence that draws the audience into the center of their music...A brief written audience evaluation revealed unequivocal enthusiasm for the performance."

-Ronelle Thompson, Director, Mikkelsen Library, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

"Their program was outstanding in every aspect. Ann and Charlie captured the audience with their blend of delightful stories and superb music. The response from students and faculty was tremendous...Thank you for providing Georgia Tech the opportunity to experience Clairseach."

-Erik Green, Concert Committee, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

"Ann and Charlie were very cooperative and a joy to work with. They made my job much easier...They did an excellent job of making the sell-out crowd feel comfortable with what was, for a majority of the audience, a new form of music...I would be pleased to recommend them to other schools."

-Ann Marie Bradshaw, DSA, Aurora University, Aurora, IL

"Our Social Sciences department co-sponsored them for an Irish history and music workshop followed by a tea. The student reponse was so significant that we nearly had to drag Ann and Charlie away so that they could get ready for the evening performance."

-Harold White, Executive Director, Artist Series, Evangel College, Springfield, MO

"For 45+ minutes Ann and Charlie entertained, informed, and involved our student body of 600. I certainly would recommend Clairseach for any size or age group. They are most sincere and talented musicians."

-Karlyn Lamb, Administrative Asst, Muncie Elementary School, Madison, IN

"In my opinion, Clairseach was the most brilliant and exciting aspect of our entire Artist & Lecture Series. The audience responded very enthusiastically by clapping, tapping their feet, smiling, and conversing for almost an hour with Ann & Charlie after the performance. I would recommend Clairseach to anyone looking for a true Irish performance that has something new and exciting to it. They are fabulous!"

-Wilda Jones, DSA, Indiana University East, Richmond, IN